Bible Music

Do you write lyrics and/or music?   If you need help with professional production of your scripture music, songs, hymns, or spiritual songs, Word for Word Ministries can help!   We would love to hear from you regarding the development of your own ministry or a potential partnership with Word for Word International.   The vision and global scope of the ministry of Word for Word International will require many devoted, talented, and creative people worldwide.

This website will become a resource and clearing house for music ministries and other ministries around the world.  While the primary emphasis is putting the whole of scripture to music in the major languages of the world, other songs of testimony, worship and positive message are valued.

If you love Christ, seek integrity of character, and want to explore a calling in music and worship, contact me at:

Word for Word Ministries
PO Box 20941
Bakersfield, CA 93390

Please include your full name and pertinent e-mail and phone contact information.

"Their voice has gone out to all the earth and their words to the ends of the world!" Romans 10:18

The day of passivity is over! 
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