About the English Version

What version is the New Quest Music Bible? Is it copyrighted?

The New Quest Music Bible is a new musical version of scripture that is textually created by comparing dozens of English translations of the Bible .  The New Quest Music Bible is protected by copyright. The original music composed for the New Quest Music Bible is only to be used to memorize and meditate on God's Word. To create the New Quest Music Bible comparisons were made between the World English Bible (WEB) and other respected translations. Often, a comparative version suggests a poetic phrasing or a variant word choice that differs from the World English Bible and is more amenable to lyrical presentation with music.

Word or phrase choice decisions are made through comparisons of the World English Bible (WEB) and translations such as: New American Standard Version, New International Version, King James Version, The Amplified Bible, English Standard Version, Revised Standard Version, The New English Translation (NET) Bible, Young’s Literal Translation, Geneva Study Bible, Webster’s Bible Translation, Holman Christian Standard Bible, The Word – the Bible from 26 Translations, and other versions. Also consulted are resources that explain the etymological source and development of words in the original languages. Greek interlinear helps and exhaustive concordances are helpful in this endeavor.The best choice for each word, verse, and phrase is made only after consulting and comparing many respected English translations. 

I first memorized whole books of the Bible to music while pastoring with my father
David C. Newquist at Westminster Presbyterian Church in Yakima, Washington circa 1972

Now God's Word can truly "dwell richly" in the heart and mind of every believer.